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Open Fitness

Open Fitness activities are self-paced, non-coached water workouts in our Recreation Pool. These activities offer guests of all fitness levels a way to pursue their health and fitness goals, all while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of water exercise.

Open Fitness includes:

  • River Walking
  • Water Walking
  • Shallow-water lap swim
  • Hot Tub

River Walking

Whether you're seeking a leisurely stroll or an invigorating workout, experience the currents of our Lazy River.

Water Walking

Walk or jog at your own pace in our shallow-water Recreation Pool areas that include shared lap lanes and our slide-return area.

Lap lanes are not available during Water Fitness classes and Swim Lessons.

Shallow-Water Lap Swim

Swim at your own pace in our 20-yard, 3.5- 4.5-foot Recreation Pool.  

Hot Tub

The hot tub is available for use during any Open Fitness time.

We also offer River Fit and other water fitness classes. Times and water fitness classes vary. Please check out water fitness schedules for current offerings.

Find it Fast

Reservations are not required for Open Fitness activities. We offer annual passes, 3-month passes, 10-punch passes, and drop-in rates.